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Overcoming Injection Molding Design Challenges with Powerful CAD/CAM Software and Direct Metal Print

  • Anyone familiar with injection molding knows that the cooling system design is critical to cycle times, which takes up 70% to 80% of the injection molding cycle. Traditional methods for cooling molds involve secondary machining operations to drill cooling channels that follow straight lines and don’t consistently keep temperatures uniform. A well-designed cooling system can shorten the molding time and improve productivity tremendously. Enter conformal cooling. Watch the recorded webinar to hear how Bastech, an Ohio-based one-source solution provider for shop floor, additive manufacturing services and equipment sales, delivers benchmarking results that prove the advantages of conformal cooling with significant improvements in cost, productivity and quality.

  • Join the webinar to get the details of how:

  • Mold design times can be reduced by as much as 75% and production man hours by almost 50%, through the integration of 3D Systems Cimatron™ CAD/CAM software, the ProX® DMP series of direct metal 3D printers and Geomagic® Control™ inspection software.

  • In the first benchmark test of a 3D printed conformal core versus a conventionally manufactured spiral baffle core, Bastech was able to maintain a consistently lower temperature throughout the run, reduce cycle times by 22% and cut costs by 18%.

  • In the second benchmark test, Bastech designed a cavity, core and slide of a mold for 3D printing to test the effects of cooling and cycle times, which yielded a 16% reduction in costs and a 14% decrease in the all-important cycle time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Bastech brings its expertise to the fore by combining Cimatron for mold design, the ProX DMP 200 for direct metal printing of tools and molds and Geomagic Control for inspection. Understand how advanced design and manufacturing can solve your injection mold cooling challenges while shortening cycle times, improving plastic part quality and reducing costs.

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